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  1. No infrastructure costs.
  2. No hidden fees.
  3. No overhead expenses.
  4. No training costs
  5. No string. No catches.
  6. No minimum contract.
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Indus Net Technologies (hire-web-designers.co.uk is an Indus Net Technologies brand) has been selected as the #1 IT SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprise) in India 2008 by Duns & Bradstreet in a glittering Award Ceremony in Mumbai on 30th September 2008.

Indus Net Technologies has also been prominently placed among the Emerging SMEs of India publication, which was unveiled on the same day.

We would like to thank our 5000+ clients who put in their trust in us (even though 90% of them have never met us) and the team which delivered and fulfilled every promise that Indus Net Technologies made.

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Why Low Prices? It's Simple...

  1. It's an absolute bargain when you compare it to cost of any other web development agency that is based in UK.
  2. It's an absolute steal when you realize that we hire only highly experienced staff and what we will do for you will pay for itself many time over.
  3. It makes it more affordable for small businesses, especially in such difficult times.
  4. And it's still priced high enough for us to keep tire-kickers out and at the same time cover our costs for running UK based office.

Your Needs + Our Skills = £uccess

This is the right place for you if you are a small business owner who is searching for an honest, reliable and genuinely priced web design agency. We offer a one of kind "pay as you go" web design service. With our service you can:

  • Improve your profitability by over 60%.
  • Hire designers and assign them to work on multiple projects, if needed.
  • Establish working procedures and practices as per your needs.
  • Set the priority of what your designers should be working on for the month, week or day!
  • Communicate with your designers directly on day-to-day basis.
  • Scale up or down the size of your team based on project pipeline.
  • Focus on profitability and results.

We are accountable for the delivery and ensure that only qualified web designers having right sort of expertise will work for you. All web designers that you hire will be our full-time employees and they will work exclusively on your assignments for the duration of the contract.

It’s the smartest way to get projects done. We guarantee it!

Web Designer

Designs professional, graphic intensive layouts for websites and makes full turnkey project deliveries.

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Flash Designer

Designs professional flash websites, flash intros, presentations and small animations.


PHP/MySQL Programmer

Design, develop and maintain web applications based on PHP/MySQL.



Why Use hire-web-designers.co.uk?

  • Benefit from specialization:Based on your requirements, you can hire a Web Designer that is most ideal for your requirements.
  • Flexibility in pricing: You can hire Web Designers on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis.
  • Work with a reliable organization: We have been rated #1 IT SME by Duns and Bradstreet. We are in business since last 11 yrs and presently employ 300+ web developer and designers.
  • Expertise: We recruit our employees from the most reputed art colleges across India.
  • Pre-Screened Designers Only: You do not have go through the tedious selection process of interviewing and browsing through a mountain of resumes. We will offer relevant profiles based on your requirements.
  • Intellectual Property and Privacy: Ownership of source files and intellectual property belongs exclusively to you. We also sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your privacy.